There’s ‘Murder on Mars’ with Bent Self’s latest single

Bent Self has recently released his new single ‘murder on mars’! This rock / hip hop cross over is a fusion of genres that Bent Self merges effortlessly. 

The single blasts off with one of DJ Blesd1’s signature skits – “Meet me in orbit, so we can blaze this kush.”– setting the irreverent tone of the 90s Hip-Hop inspired track that mixes in alt rock influences for a truly out of this world single.

The chaotic and manic music video that goes along with the track is definitely one to watch. As Bent Self takes his audience on a frenzy-fuelled mission to take over mars.  

Also joining the track is legendary artist Kool Keith. Having collaborated with Peeping Tom, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Jurassic 5, Kool Keith has left an undeniable mark on the music scene.

This new single is definitely a credit to the wacky and manic ways of Bent Self so be sure to watch this space for more mayhem and madness.