Noble1BOF: ‘No Games’ – Review

Rising artist Noble1BOF from Brixton has impressed in a major way with his latest release, ‘No Games’. The single is taken from his upcoming mixtape Benefits of Freedom. 

The song itself is an immediate draw with Noble’s powerful flow and dynamic production. It doesn’t sound like anything else that’s currently out there, which is why it stands out so much from the first listen, everything works together in perfect synergy and makes for a fascinating listen. 

Taking inspiration from the likes of Giggs, Drake and Styles P, it’s clear that these stylistic influences blend into Noble’s own creations. 

Elaborating further on his upcoming release, Noble states: These bars are my life, you know? It’s my story, and yes, sometimes there’s swagger and sometimes it’s cold. I hate driving past these corners,  every day, where one of the man  ‘dem  got shot. I’ve got  close  friends doing life sentences, fifteen years of my life has been spent inside a prison, most of that in a cell. These tracks are literally my Life Story.

Impressive to say the least, ‘No Games’ shines the spotlight on an artist with a huge future ahead who is clearly someone to watch out for. It will be interesting to see what else he has in store over the next year, as he already brings so much fresh energy and excitement to the music scene. 

‘No Games’ is out on the 22/04. Until then stream some of Nobles previous work, linked below!