Tony Goff & The Broken Colours ‘Mirrors’ – Review  

Bathed with elements that the greats use to make masterpieces, Tony Goff & The Broken Colours single ‘Mirrors‘ is armed with refreshing indie-pop sensibilities. Armed with a nostalgic sound of yesteryear, and songwriting consistently sticks with the times. Refreshingly original and vivid from the get go, ‘Mirrors’ is bathed with a classic soundscape suited to get stuck in your head instantly. 

The track is a pretty punch with the light guitars and tightly packed drums. The track immediately invites the listener to immerse in a compelling sound. ‘Mirrors’ encapsulates all the characteristics of an Indie -rock song with pop influences, as the band together, weave a melodic texture that perfectly meshes the chords and the arrangement with a passion flowing into the lyrics.

Sonically it delivers Arctic Monkeys vibes; infused with relentless energy, guitars and thunderous drums, and it has a catchy chorus that you can easily imagine filling the dancefloor at one the lads live shows!

Lyrically the track gives me 2000’s indie nostalgia, The lyrics are memorable and exude plenty of personality and are equally as clever.

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