Adam Lanceley spreads his message of positivity on new album “Sweeter Than Honey”

Sweeter Than Honey is the latest offering by artist Adam Lanceley and this remarkable album is definitely not one to be missed. 

Sweeter Than Honey is a deeply personal and cathartic album with Adam going into detail about his own personal life experiences. What Adam has done with this latest release is create an inspirational and optimistic album that’s filled with hope. 

Adams’ pure love and passion for his craft comes through in lead single ‘I’m So Glad’. A slower piece, the single reflection of Adam’s life so far. Adam’s vocals are full of emotion while a more tender piano and guitar accompaniment ties together a single reminiscent of the best of the Beach Boys.

Adam’s story has already touched audiences on a global level. Having been featured on Sky and received over 32k views on Global Talent World it’s clear that listeners are deeply moved by the message and heart that Adam pours into his music. 

Be sure to check out Sweeter Than Honey when it’s released on the 14th May.