Aria releases powerful new single ‘The Next Life’ in time for Earth Day

Composer Aria is here with his heartfelt new single ‘The Next Life’ in honour of Earth Day that took place last week. This song makes a huge statement and will definitely move you into thinking about the important topics that this song covers. 

There’s no one more suited to cover important environmental issues, as Aria has been participating in this important fight for a number of years now. In 2013 Aria created the website (Flight of the Eagle). A multimedia project combining music and environmental protection, the site curates montages of the animal kingdom to Aria’s music. 

In this song Aria’s strong passion clearly comes through with the help of upcoming Houston rapper R Reed on vocals the two styles combine to make a powerful force of blended genres with rock and hip-hop stylings. 

Be sure to check out this powerful single and the beautifully crafted video that goes alongside it. Linked below!