John O’Brien ‘The Spider’s Love Web’ – Review

John O’Brien is here with is uniquely compelling new single ‘The Spider’s Love Web’ that will have the listener captivated from the first line. 

What this new offering does so well is to showcase O’Brien’s talent as a lyricist and storyteller as he takes the audience on a musical journey and will leave them wanting more from this talented musician. 

Explaining the plot of his new single O’Brien says: 

“On a hot steamy night at the dance club, he is searching for a warm nocturnal with an attractive, compliant woman. He finds her, or so he thought. She dances, her sexy well-built body pulsing to the thundering music and to the club’s gleaming flashing lights. She began to caress him in a tactile forward and stimulating manner — weaving her web.” 

His current performing act, J.O.B.E. – The John O’Brien Experience is in the studio recording a full-length album to be released in May 2022. That all-original album will be paired with a 6-city UK tour in July 2022.

Be sure to catch this eclectic performer at one of his many shows and check out  ‘The Spider’s Love Web’ out now!