Tudor Nacu shows off his songwriting skills on his debut EP ‘Between 4 Coloured Walls’

Introspective and a personal journey,Tudor Nacu’s debut EP ‘“Between 4 Coloured Walls’ is a full and fleshed-out masterpiece. 

Lyrically intimate, Tudor allows the listener deep into his mind, telling a colourful and vibrant story of topics such as love, nostalgia, loneliness and isolation. 

“Between 4 Coloured Walls is the product of all the weird and odd thoughts I had while stuck in isolation. The tracks on the EP came from the experiences I unearthed while processing the distance from my home, family, and friends.”

Lead single ‘Home’ showcases Tudors songwriting abilities, solidifying his sound whilst showing off his clear talent for song composition. Between 4 Coloured Walls displays the ability to marry both lyrical ability with his aforementioned song writing skills creating a true sonic experience, allowing the listener to truly sit back and get lost in the music. 

Tudor’s initial single Paris Love has already organically garnered over 11.5k Spotify streams, and with his debut EP Between 4 Coloured Walls, the artist is set to blast beyond that. One listen to any of the four tracks will tell you that Tudor Nacu is a rare talent destined for stardom.